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well im at my friend sam's now, with brandi. we just attempted to play this drinking card game, yeah well it worked out fine atfirst me with my peach schnopps, sam with her wine, and brandi with her budweiser. yeah so i got a little over confident and a wee bit curious and wanted to try some of the canadian whiskey, well lets just say im never drinking whiskey again, i threw it all up in sam's sink.

we went and saw harry potter 4 this afternoon, imax was sold out so we had to watch it in the normal theatre =.( then we threw snowballs at eachother and ran around the parking lot waiting for my dad to pick us up to take us to the mall. brandi's been all upset cause she's having problems with her girlfriend, who is my ex. well actually first she dated brandi, then me, then brandi again. she's s bit of a slut and tends to lie, thats why me and autumn aren't together still. and to make things worse brandi's other ex has been bothering her,first she wont leave brandi alone, then she goes for autumn then she tells me she loves me and now shes back to autumn. but whatever.

oh it's mad funny i have this one friend he's 12, he's the cutest little kid, and this one time i told him about a chick i thought was hot and he was like. 'god that made me horny.' and i just laughed cause he's like 12.

well im out, peace.
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