Megan (megan_tgirl) wrote in teen_sexuality,


Name: Megan
Age: 16
Sexuality: mtf transsexual heterosexual(attracted to guys)
Are you out (if you're gay, lesbian, or bi): I'm out to my parents and friends as transgendered.
Do you have any homosexual/bisexual friends: A few online, none IRL
Why did you join this community: For understand, support and to meet other teens
Promote the community in two places, show us the links (please don't promote in another journal because we can get into trouble for that): MySpace (promoted on my blog entitled If you're a teen, if you're GLBT and have a livejournal click view more to read the promotion, Xanga
Who invited you: I found this community through searching
Post at least 2 pictures of yourself: I Don't have any pictures because my parents wont allow me to have any of myself online.
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