itz_surrah (itz_surrah) wrote in teen_sexuality,

hey. im kind of upset right now. my mom took me to the library and it didnt open until 1 so we sat in the parking lot and waited. and she kept bringing up boys. she brought up my friend ronald, WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY JUST A FRIEND, and shes like asking if im going to go to homecoming with him. and im like mom you know that answer. and shes stops for a few minutes then shes like "whos the boy of the year? any boys that have caught your eye?" and im like "girls" and shes like "no..dont tell me that." then she looks away and shes like "dont talk to me" and im wtf you know? god it gets me so angry when she acts like that. whats so fuckin wrong? hmm.. i checked out two books. im happy. cos im a book nerd. haha. yeah. but thats all i have to say. hows everyone? i hope good! <33 bye bye
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