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A month or so ago, my friend Nick introduced me to his friend Tim, and we basically like eachother now. Not much to say about it, we're not going out because I can't see him that much, at least not yet.

Yesterday was my birthday, hooray me. I met up with Timmy at West before school started, even got a birthday kiss *swoon, hehe* Then I went to school, was sang to in English, found out Alyssa FORGOT my birthday, even though I've been talking abuot it since school started. Ceramics was kind of fun, i guess. I ate cake, fries, and popsicles for lunch, totally forgetting that I was going out for pizza later on. Then, I was sang to in latin in Latin class, repeated the same paradigm for an hour, and went home. Called a few people, talked to Timmy, and went out for pizza. It was the pesto spinach pizza with tomatoes, no cheese, and like the pig that I am, ate half of a medium pizza. It was so good though...i kind of deserved it.

This morning I got one of the sweetest e-mails from my costa rican sweetie ^_^

From: Jose Pablo Salazar Salas
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:58:33 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!



I hope that you enjoy your 15 years, I want stay there for congratulation you

Hugs and kisses, remember that I miss you so much, and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Happy birthday Miranda!


so cute...hehehe. I'm seriously going to cry, im such a sucker for sweet things like that.
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